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Boys Tears Iphone Case
Rs. 999
Stay hydrated. Sip the tears of the boy who broke your heart! 100% gluten and dairy free! 3D Silicone Protective Phone Case. Dimensions- 6"x 3.4"
Black Furry Handcuffs
Sold Out
Badass Black Furry treats which are actually wicked! Instructions: Cuff keys come free with the pack but just in case you lose them 'in the heat of the moment', the...
Sunscreen Flasks
Rs. 499
Smuggle your fav drinks into concerts & movies! It's reusable, leak proof & smell proof!Sunscreen Flask Set includes:1. Two sunscreen bottles (each 275ml)2. Funnel3. Seals Get yours right now!!
Shampoo Conditioner Flasks
Rs. 499
Stash/Smuggle your fav food or beverage with this secret Shampoo + Conditioner Flask! It's reusable, leak proof & smell proof! Each Set contains:1. Shampoo bottle + Conditioner Bottle (365ml)2. Seals Must-Have! ...
Lust Dices
Rs. 650
Treat yourself! Playfully see-through dices that for sure get things heated up!
Emoji Stickers Pack
Rs. 350
Who doesn't speak emoji!! Stick em over your laptop, phone, secret diary or letter for your chemistry teacher!  960 stickers in one pack!!! Grab it quick! 
Furry Iphone Case
Rs. 650
Dress your iphone in hella cute baby pink furry case. iphone 5/5s and iphone 6. Cases for other phone models coming soon!
Shinchan Iphone Case
Rs. 599
Who doesn't love Shinchan! Fav wicked lil thing!3D Silicone Protective Phone Case. Dimensions- 6"x 3.4"
Iphone Calculator
Rs. 350
This thing is LIT as frick!!! Iphone on the outside! Calculator on the inside Limited Stock.
Drink Game Dice
Rs. 450
Pump up your drunk night game with this one!  Playful, Fun & 'Intoxicating'