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Drake Necklace
Rs. 350
Love of the millennial! DRAAAKE OMG! This is your chance to keep him close to your heart, literally! The 1-800-HOTLINEBLING background adds to the aesthetic!Dimensions:Chain- 47 cmPendant length- 2.7 cm...
Alien Space Necklace
Rs. 350
Dimensions:Chain- 47 cmPendant length- 2.7 cm
Psycho Necklace
Rs. 350
Cute but Psycho! Cutest Pendant with silver colour metal chain!Dimensions:Chain- 47 cmPendant length- 2.7 cm
Kawaii Emo Necklace
Rs. 350
Dimensions:Chain- 47 cmPendant length- 2.7 cm
Grumpy Cat Necklace
Rs. 350
This cat is perhaps just like you- she's had enough. Can't stand dumb humans no more!! Get this necklace if you can relate! Dimensions:Chain- 47 cmPendant length- 2.7 cm
Gothic Crystal Septum Ring
Rs. 399
This septum clip will have you lookin’ super fly! Made of black metal with studded glimmering crystals that catch the light perfectly! With rounded ends to sit comfortably in your nose! ...
Rose Cult Choker
Rs. 350
Bold statement choker that's inspired by deathrocker link between Punk and traditional Goth! Handmade with elastic choker, studded with pink ribbon roses & badass metal spikes and complete with shining...
Luna Ring Choker
Rs. 350
Get tamed with this perfect lil bondage choker!Made with silver metal loop with a one inch ring hanging from faux leather choker. Grab em' 
Floating Stones Necklace
Rs. 250
Turn heads with this strange neckpiece! Crystal clear pendant packed with floating rhinestones!
Gothic Cross Choker
Rs. 250
Inspired by film Conjuring 2, this choker is GOTHIC AF! Made of velvet band & bronze cross pendant with a dark age style mould! Wardrobe must-have!
Peacock Witch Septum Ring
Rs. 350
Gorgeous adjustable septum clip constructed outta surgical grade steel with a pretty peacock oil slick coating and features an awesome rounded tier design.  
Transparent Love Choker
Rs. 350
Cuz you know how to whip your babe in shape! This super wicked choker will have ‘em instantly lured in with the heart-shaped metal heart! Transparent leather makes it harder to...
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